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Example of Notifiable Work

Examples of work Areas outside of a special location Areas within a special location
Installation of a circuit exceeding 32A – i.e. shower No Yes
Installation of a circuit exceeding 32A in external boiler houses/utility room Yes Yes
Installing a new shower circuit No Yes
Installing an additional socket No Yes
installing an additional light No Yes
Addition of a fused connection unit to final ring main No Yes
Connection of cooker to existing point No Yes
Installing or upgrading main or supplementary bonding No Yes
Replacing a damaged cable for a single circuit No No
Replacing a damaged socket outlet No No
Replacing a light fitting No No
Fit & Final connection of a storage heater No No
Installing extra low voltage lighting (no CE or BS mark) Yes Yes
Taking a new supply to a garden shed Yes  N/A
Installing a socket in a garden shed/pond pump/lighting Yes N/A

For further information regarding what is and whats not notifiable do not hesitate to contact us.

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